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Written by Freddie Sanchez   
Sunday, 07 January 2018 16:21
January 2018 Meeting Info

Tuesday Jan 9th, 7-10 pm
Creative Tribe Space - 236 S Scott Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85701, 2nd floor
2018 Membership renewal and BCJP Overview with Carl, Mike F., & Jon

236 S Scott Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85701
Located on the second floor, so please come on in through the front door and make your way to the staircase on the right. When you reach the top of the stairs, turn right until you reach the open doorway on the right! (Basically, keep turning right.)

If you need the elevator, it is located at the back of the first floor behind a big white door (it's old school.) When you come out on the second floor, the studio is immediately on your left.

We are in a big, white building on Scott Avenue known as the Brings Building. You'll find us immediately west of The Children's Museum, south of Royal Elizabeth B&B and North of Temple Music & Art.

You are welcome to park in the lot immediately north of our building or take advantage of all the street parking on McCormick or Scott. (It's free on the weekends.) If it's a busy day downtown, there is also parking on Stone and Sixth, and in the La Placita garage.

2018 Membership Sign Up & Payment
2018 Membership Drive
It's that time of year again. Time to renew your membership for the 2018 calendar year or join if you've new or have been absent from the club for a while. We'd love to have you back.

Become a part of a great community of homebrewers, to share discuss, and foster the love of home and craft brewed beer. Plus you get some awesome discounts.

Retailer Discounts
  • 15% off Dragoon (discount to beer for here and growler/crowler fills only)
  • 10% off at 1055
  • 10% off at Barrio
  • 10% off drinks Sentinel Peak
  • 10% off at Borderlands
  • 10% off at Pueblo Vida
  • 10% off at Public Brewhouse
  • 10% off at 1912
  • 10% off at Catalina Brewing
  • 1st beer $1 off at Crooked Tooth

Bars and Bottle Shops

  • 10% off Tap and Bottle Draft beer
  • 10% off Plaza Liquors
  • 10% off at Ermanos
  • 10% off at Tucson Hop Shop
  • 10% off at AZ Beer House

Homebrew Shops
  • 10% off at Mr Beer
  • 10% off at Brew Your Own Brew
  • 10% off at Brewer's Connections
  • Club only pricing @ Dry Hopped Homebrew Supply

Exclusive Events:
  • Club-only Competition
  • Monthly Meeting Give-aways/Raffles
  • Big Brew
* Must Have Membership card to receive discounts
2018 Membership Sign Up & Payment
Board Positions

All the officer's are planning on running again, except the Webmaster (Communication) and Treasurer (finance). We encourage you to participate. All board positions will be opening up in for March 2018 election. If you're interested in learning more about these positions, check out our by-laws.

Board Positions:
Webmaster (Communications)
Secretary/Treasurer (finance)
President (Ring leader)
Minister of Education 
Events Coordinator
Member(s) At-Large

The by-laws make it sound worse that it is. It's actually a great way to hang out with some devoted individuals while talking and drinking beer. Highly encourage you to join our monthly board meetings.

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