About Us

The Tucson Homebrew Club was founded in 1995, and has been going strong ever since. We are passionate brewers, dedicated to the craft, art and science of making the best beer we can. One day each month, we all get together to share recipes, ideas and experiences. All brewers are welcome at THC meetings, from the brand-new extract brewers, to the most experienced all-grainers around. It's our hope that brewers at every skill level will have something to learn at every meeting.

Monthly Meetings:

Date: First Tuesday of each month

Time: 7 pm

Location: Dragoon Brewing Company 1859 W Grant Rd #111 Tucson, az 85745

Come on by and see what we're all about!


Interested in Joining THC?

Stop by for a meeting to see what you're in for. Yearly membership dues are $35 per couple (yep, the spouse is Welcome) and are to be paid in January.


What Are the Benefits?

THC Membership comes with some perks. First, at every monthly meeting, you'll have access to some of the sharpest brewing minds in Tucson. Members are always happy to help each other troubleshoot problems, identify off flavors, or streamline the process. You'll also get lots of perspective on different ways to brew great beer, and exposure to new beer styles and ideas. Every meeting includes a technical presentation (on process, ingredients, or techniques) and a style discussion (on BJCP recognized styles), each presented by one of THC's members. Every year,  THC participates in AHA's Club-Only Competion, in which we select one entry from among club members to enter a beer in each COC event. From this, you have the opportunity to get quality, honest feedback about the beer you've brewed -- plus the chance to win fame, glory and the adoration of your peers. Finally, club members also receive many discounts around town and the list is constantly growing.


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