2024 Styles of the Month

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As part of our continued effort at both community and educations we have started a “Style of the Month” session for our monthly meetings. 

These styles will be demonstrated (commercially when available) and homebrew.

It is encourages (but not mandatory) for you to try your hand at this style and bring in your beer for tasting, sharing, and critique/advice(if you want) to our monthly meetings! (Calendar)

Here is the Style Table for 2024, start planning your Brew Calendar now!

Style Name BJCP Style Category Meeting Month Notes
Dark Mild 13A January 9th Sorry for it being late. If you want to brew, try a Kveik Yeast
Schwarzbier 8B February 6th Yum! Start planning your brew now!
Irish Red or Irish Stout 15A or 15C March 5th A wee bit early for St. Patrick’s but in the spirit.
Kolsch 5B April 2nd No foolin! It is Kolsch
Maibock (aka Helles Bock) 4C May 7th Perfect for May weather
TBD TBD June 4th Whatever Big Brew Day is.. Stay Tuned!
Hefeweizen (Weissbier) 10A July 9th Try using some local wheat!
American IPA 21A August 6th What better way to Celebrate IPA Day? Just 21A, this time.. we will get to all the others.
Witbier 24A September 10th keeping it refreshing for the summer
Marzen 6A October 1st Only thing more appropriate would be a Festbier, Zum Wohl!
Spice Addition Beer 30 November 5th Lots of latitude here.. looking for lots of creativity.
TBD TBD December Bring your “Learn to Homebrew Day” Beer to our Annual Bachanal! Bring friends, family, extra-beer, cider, mead, sake, hard-soda, wine, or whatever other creative thing you have made, and celebrate the end of another great beer year!