Membership Benefits

Become a part of a great community of homebrewers, to share discuss, and foster the love of home and craft brewed beer. Plus you get some awesome discounts. If you’re not currently a paid member of the club, it’s always a great time to sign up! Use the button below to sign up.

Exclusive Events:

  • Club-only Competition
  • Monthly Meeting Giveaways/Raffles
  • Big Brew

Retailer Discounts*

* Must Have Membership card to receive discounts


  • 15% off Dragoon (beer for here and growler/crowler fills only)
  • 10% off at Barrio
  • 10% off drinks Sentinel Peak
  • 10% off at Borderlands
  • 10% off at Pueblo Vida
  • 10% off at 1912
  • 10% off at Catalina Brewing
  • 1st beer $1 off at Crooked Tooth
  • 10% off at Black Rock Brewing

Bars and Bottle Shops:

  • 10% off Tap and Bottle Draft beer
  • 10% off Plaza Liquors
  • 10% off at Ermanos
  • 10% off at Tucson Hop Shop
  • 10% off at AZ Beer House

Homebrew Shops:

  • 10% off at Everything Homebrew
  • 10% off at Brew Your Own Brew