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Posted by Dale Secord

  • When: Tuesday   July 9th   7 PM
  • Where:  Voltron Brewing Taproom   330 S. Toole Ave    #200     Tucson
  • What:  The monthly club meeting is open to all existing and potential homebrewers.  If you are a member and know someone who may be interested in brewing beer invite them & buy them a beer!
  • Club Competition Results: Brian Savidge will announce the winning beers and brewers and will have scoresheets from the June/July competition available. 
  • The educational talk will be on draft line maintenance – Harrison Roberts
  • Discussion of  “Learn to Brew” event
  • Club Competition Schedule: August/September
  •                                              3 A Czech Pale Lager   
  •                                             11 C Strong Bitter
  •                                             10 A Weissbier
  •                                             15 A Irish Red Ale;_ylt=AwrWpynVOOlifhsAsQoPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=Voltron+brewing+company&type=fc_A30C76C6185_s58_g_e_d060122_n1009_c999&param1=7&param2=eJw1jssOgjAQRX9llpqYYfqgSPgMV4awqFBrQ6EEMBi%2F3sHo7p4z9ybjQ1dXzeUqiJTSqj41IzNTyXE%2FkSEhJUPLUJa7DtNeKSQKQSjMGeW34F1i%2F1w4Pi2nIb1DjDbLkeCwhbFL2wLjCjyiClgYXcHL6CPYaYpuc7c%2BrFmuClQGDv1jHeIJYugdeNf26QjtY06DywQpJMz5MRRKw2Lvdg7%2Fnev8ryCk0VgUH%2BlOQH4%3D&hsimp=yhs-2212&hspart=fc&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-fc-2212#id=0&