Tucson Homebrew Club By-Laws

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Ammended by online vote: July – September 2016


Section 1. Name

The official name of this organization is: The Tucson Homebrew Club (THC)

Section 2. Mission Statement

The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

The mission of the Tucson Homebrew Club is to celebrate the evolving traditions of authentic beer — by sharing our knowledge, honing our skills, and fostering a strong, local community devoted to the creation and appreciation of home & craft brewed beer.

Section 3. Membership

THC membership is open to anyone of legal drinking age in Arizona who has an appreciation for the art and science of brewing and/or the enjoyment of beer. Paid membership will follow the calendar year from January to December. The Board of Directors will determine annual paid membership dues annually. Currently dues are $35 per couple (significant other included). Dues are collected starting at the January meeting each calendar year and are to be paid by the March meeting of each calendar year.

Section 4. Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.


Section 1. Supreme Law

All legislative and executive powers will be given to and administered by the Board of Directors. The Board shall vote on all matters needing a decision regarding THC, using a simple majority of Board members. In the event of disagreements, or other membership issues within the club, the Board’s decisions are final.

Section 2. Elected Officers

The Board of Directors will be comprised of 5 Board Members, duties split up as: Ringleader, Events Coordinator, Secretary/Treasurer, Minister of Education, Webmaster, and any Board Members At-Large assigned by the board. (see ARTICLE THREE, Section 6.)

Section 3. Term of Office

All Board of Director offices will be held for a 14 month period, beginning with the March Board of Directors Meeting and ending at the April Board of Directors meeting. This allows for overlap of the outgoing board with the incoming board so that all data, events, planning, etc can be passed on to the incoming Board of Directors.

At-large Members term will last the length of the project they are assigned to SEE ARTICLE THREE, Section 6.)

Section 4. Changing of the Guard

To ensure continuity from one Board to the next, each officer of the prior year will attend no less than the first TWO Board of Directors meetings of the new year, unless unforeseen circumstances warrant a private meeting between old and new Board Members. Attendance to more Board meetings is optional dependent upon circumstances.

Section 5. Removal from Office

Any officer may be removed from office at any time during his or her term by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, for the following reasons:

I. Missing two Board of Directors Meetings without prior notification and/or reasonable excuse, as determined by the majority of the Board of Directors.

II. Not performing his or her duties.

III. Exhibiting improper conduct at any official THC gathering (events, fests, meetings, etc.)

All current Board members must vote, whether or not present at the meeting where the vote is motioned. If not present, an absent Board member will be contacted by another and his or her vote secured by a Board member who was originally present at that meeting. The officer to be removed is entitled to a vote but his/her refusal to vote cannot stop the voting process.

Section 6. Vacancy of Offices

Any vacancy of office will be filled as soon as possible via appointment by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, or as otherwise determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Returning Club Property

All officers, including appointed positions, upon completion or termination of their term in office or assignment, will return to the Club, any and all papers, documents, or property of any kind belonging to THC. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from THC and legal action, if necessary.


Section 1. Board Member: Ringleader

The duties of the Ringleader are to:

I. Uphold the By-laws of THC

II. Prepare an agenda for the monthly Board of Directors meetings.

III. Reserve and/or make ready a location for the Board of Directors meeting,

IV. Conduct Board of Directors meetings in an orderly manner.

V. Call for special Board of Director meetings, when necessary,

VI. Conduct membership meetings in an orderly manner.

VII. Present awards and certificates to members.

VIII. Form committees by appointment, when necessary.

IX. Appoint the individual or individuals that will organize club functions such as festivals (i.e. Oktoberfest), homebrew competitions, and other events as needed,

X. Provide a “State of the Club” Address for the newsletter in the event one is published in the future. This article is to be used to keep the membership abreast of club plans, Board decisions, and other items of Member interest.

XI. Send emails to the club as needed to keep the membership abreast of club plans, Board decisions, and other items of Member interest.

Section 2. Board Member: Events Coordinator

The duties of the Events Coordinator are to:

I. Assist the Ringleader with his/her duties.

II. Assume the duties of Ringleader at official club functions in the event the Ringleader is absent or unable to perform his/her duties.

III. Conduct raffles at the monthly membership meetings and/or other club events.

IV. Establish and maintain relationships with other entities in the local brewing community (e.g. homebrew shops, breweries, pubs, liquor shops, etc.) as club Ambassador.

V. Assume responsibility to reserve, make ready, and confirm location of monthly membership meetings.

VI. Coordinate Club events and organize supplies, transportation, and all else that goes into creating great Club events.

VII. Maintain a list of upcoming events, and present them at each membership meeting.

Section 3. Board Member: Secretary/Treasurer

The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer are to:

I. Take the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings. The minutes should be distributed to Board of Directors prior to the next Board of directors meeting.

II. Maintain a file of the minutes.

III. Assume the duties of Ringleader at official club functions in the event the Ringleader and Events Coordinator are both absent

IV. Keep a current roster of membership and distribute membership rosters throughout the year to the current Board of Directors.

V. Collect membership dues and give to the Treasurer for deposit into the club’s checking account

VI. Issue membership cards

VII. Record the names of the nominees for the next board election. Nominate an Election Coordinator to be voted on by the board.

VIII. Manage the club’s finances. This includes maintaining a complete accounting of the club’s assets and liabilities.

IX. Collect all monies due the club and deposit into the club’s official checking account

X. Disperse payments to club members who incur approved expenses on behalf of the club,

XI. Submit detailed quarterly accounting reports to the Board of Directors at the January, April, July, and October Board and Member Meetings.

Section 4. Board Member: Minister of Education

The duties of the Minister of Education are to:

I. Maintain a list of possible topics for Tech Talks to be presented at membership meetings.

II. Present or coordinate the presentation of Tech Talks to be presented at each membership meetings.

III. Responsible for subject materials to be presented to the membership, either during Tech Talks at membership meetings, or at the very least, to be published to the website library.

IV. Coordinate the writing efforts of timely contributors for each issue. This includes setting deadlines.making writing assignments and other necessary tasks to ensure publication deadlines.

V. Edit all writing submissions for grammar and content. All publications are expected to be educational and sometimes humorous but should not contain inappropriate material that would reflect poorly on THC. In the event that the Webmaster has an article he believes is in question regarding appropriateness, he will present it to the Board of Directors for determination of article disposition.

Section 5. Board Member: Webmaster

The duties of the Webmaster are to:

I. Maintain the content of the public website (currently tucsonhomebrewclub.com) and other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

II. Make contemporary and reasonable changes in the frequency and format of communication due to changes in in technology and make accommodations for those that are not on such platforms.

III. Ensure the publication to the website of all technical materials and upcoming events, and maintain the website calendar.

Section 6. Member(s) At-Large

The duties of the At-large Board Member are to:

I. THC shall have Member(s) At-Large assigned as needed to help with club projects and events.

II. The duties of the At-Large Board member are assigned by the Ringleader and voted on by the board.

III. At-Large Board position terms shall be determined by the length of the project assigned to them.

IV. The At-Large Member(s) shall have no vote at Club Board Meetings. Although their input is appreciated.


Section 1. Location

The THC General monthly meetings shall consistently assemble at a location which will be decided on by a majority vote by the Board of Directors. This location shall be conducive to allow homebrew to be served and permit any materials needed for the club to function.

Section 2. Time

The THC monthly membership meetings shall call to order the evening’s program at 7:00 PM and come to a close at 8:00 PM, with social time to follow.

Section 3. Content

Each monthly membership meeting shall consist of applicable, organized topics that shall benefit the THC membership. The structure of this content may be changed periodically by the Board of Directors in ways that enhance the meetings for the members.


Amendments may be added to the existing By-laws if necessary changes are called for. The following rules apply to amending the THC By-laws:

I. Any THC member in good standing may submit a written resolution to modify THC By-laws.

II. The resolution must be presented at either the monthly membership meeting or at the Board of Directors meeting.

III. After the written resolution is submitted, a Board Member shall present the amendment at the next monthly membership meeting to be brought up for a vote.

IV. Only THC members in good standing may vote on proposed bylaw changes.  A quorum for voting on bylaw changes consists of all members in good standing in attendance at any properly announced regular monthly meeting. A super-majority vote of 3/4 of members in good standing present is necessary for approval.


Section 1. Time and Location

Annual voting for the Board positions occurs at the March membership meeting. The announcement of the election time and place must occur no later than the January general meeting and on the THC website. If a time and place is not announced the time and place will default to the March membership meeting.

Section 2. Nominations

Nominations for board positions are accepted at the January general membership meeting and a period of (30) days after the meeting. Nominees will be announced at the February general membership meeting so that there may be 30 days in which to vote. Nominations may also be made on the THC website. Nominees must be members in good standing prior to being nominated. Self nominations will be accepted. The Secretary will record the nominees.

Section 5. Election Coordinator

The Secretary will announce the name of the Election Coordinator at the November meeting. The Election Coordinator will verify the standing of the nominees from the Secretary and the Treasurer and will verify the nominees intent to run. The Election Coordinator will collect any biographical information that the nominees have provided and forward it to the Webmaster for publication. Publication of this information is to occur no later than 3 days before the election. During the time of election, the Election Coordinator will dispense, collect, count votes and announce the elected officers. The Election Coordinator may employ assistance from others as needed.

Section 6. Voting Eligibility and Process.

Members in good standing may vote during the election time (SEE ARTICLE SIX, SECTION 2), with one vote counted per membership. Votes can be made in person at general membership meetings, by email to the Election Coordinator, on the club website, or by other specific message in which they can be positively identified by the Election Coordinator.


Good standing- A member current with the payment of statutory dues and compliant with all explicit membership obligations.