August Meeting Info 2016

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August Meeting Info

WhenTODAY August 2, 7pm -10pm @ 1912 Brewing. 
Where1912 Brewing
2045 Forbes Blvd #105, Tuscon, AZ 85745
Phone: (520) 256-4851
Topic: Club Only Comp – Member Judging.

Judging to start at 7:15 pm and end at 8:30 pm.

You’ll get a score sheet when you go into the judging space. You’ll sample each beer and give it a rating. 

1 – Not for me
2 – I enjoyed this one.
3 – I’d buy this one.

Think about the style, read the description, and see if it matches well with what you taste. Maybe you like the beer, but if it’s supposed to be a Belgian Dark Strong, but it’s more like an IPA, maybe you shouldn’t rate it a 3. 

Scores will be averaged. 

Top 3-5 beers (depending on how close the scoring is) will advance to the “final round”. Where the folks at 1912 will pick the winning beer.

The winning brewer will help brew their beer for commercial distribution at 1912.