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August Club Only Comp
August Club Only Competition

We’ll be doing a club only competition at our August Meeting. This will be similar to 2015’s May club only. It will be member’s choice, and the winner will get to brew their recipe with a 1912!

We’ll be limiting the styles to Summer Styles:

  • Wits
  • Saisons
  • Belgian Trappist Style
    • Trappist single
    • Belgian dubbel,
    • Belgian tripel
    • Belgian Dark Strong

Those that ferment well during the summer months. More info on this will be provided later. Start thinking about it!


  1. Must be a dues paying member to participate (enter beers or judge beer).
  2. Each member is limited to two (2) entries.
  3. A 6 pack of 12oz brown non-distinct is required per entry.
  4. Entries must be dropped off by the Deadline at either local homebrew shop:
    • Brewer’s Connection
    • Brew Your Own Brew
  5. Entries must be entered prior to the judging in the online sign up (below).
  6. Judging will take place at 1912 during the August meeting by dues paying Tucson Homebrew club members.
  7. Each member will judge the beers on a simplified rating scale
    • 1 being something you don’t want to drink
    • 2 being something you wouldn’t mind drinking
    • 3 being a beer you really want to have come January
  8. Scores will be averaged.
  9. Top 3-5 beers (depending on how close the scoring is) will advance to the “final round”. Where the folks at 1912 will pick the winning beer.
  10. The winning brewer will help brew their beer for commercial distribution at 1912.

How do I get my beer into this?

  1. Brew an awesome beer.
  2. Package it in 12 oz non-distinct brown bottles with non-distinct cap.
  3. Sign up your beer online (sign up below).
  4. Drop off entries at a local brew shop (Brewer’s Connection or Brew Your Own Brew)
  5. Begin accepting entries – Friday July 8th.
  6. Deadline for the entries due – Sunday 24 July.

If you have any questions, we’ll try to address them at the meeting. Or you can ask on Facebook, the Google Group, or just email us with the links below.

1912 Club Only Sign Up
Bottle Id Form [PDF]