March 2016 Meeting Info

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Dragoon Brewing Company
1859 W GRANT RD #111, TUCSON, AZ 85745, USA520.329.3606

Tuesday March 1, 2016
7pm – 10pm

Education Topic
Mike Cook – talking about flavor pairings (hops, grains, yeast — not with food).

Homebrew Shop Spotlight
Brewer’s Connection

What to bring
Homebrew! in a plain bottles (no commercial labels) to sample and share. 
A friend and/or significant other.
No commercial beer.

RSVP on Facebook
A new Private Facebook group has been created for member’s only. If you’re a member in good standing, we encourage you to join.

Officer Nominations

We’ll be voting at our next meeting. If you want to nominate someone for the board, message us on facebook page, or feel free to contact us, or email

Currently, we have 5 people nominated for the 5 positions. 

Feel free to read up on the positions in our bylaws.

Becoming an officer takes a little work, but it’s a lot of fun. You get to hang out with awesome knowledgeable people. This club is what you make it. Plus, you get automatic admittance into officer’s night out!

Officer’s Night Out
We had a blast riding the party bike during AZ Beer Week. We stopped at:
Tap and Bottle, Pueblo VidaPublic Brewhouse, and finished the evening out atErmanos.

Checkout the pictures here!

Also, feel free to upload any you took to that album!

BJCP Tasting Exam
A BJCP Beer Judging Exam (tasting) scheduled for May 21st. Currently, demand is low and need more names on my sign-up list justify having the exam. Registration will remain open through the end of March. If demand still remains low, the event will be canceled. If you or anyone you know is interested, the details and a sign-up form can be found at the link below. The next AZ judging exam after this will be Jan. 2017.


Dues are $35 per year. You can sign up online or at monthly meetings.

Become a part of a great community of homebrewers, to share discuss, and foster the love of home and craft brewed beer. Plus you get some awesome discounts.

Retailer Discounts:


-15% off Dragoon
-10% off at 1055
-10% off at Barrio
-10% off drinks Sentinel Peak
-10% off at Borderlands
-10% off at Pueblo Vida
-10% off at Public Brewhouse

Bars and Bottle Shops

-10% off Tap and Bottle Draft beer
-10% off Plaza Liquors
-10% off at Ermanos
-10% off at Tucson Hop Shop
-10% off at AZ Beer House

Homebrew Shops

-10% off at Brew Your Own Brew
-10% off at Tucson Hop Shop
-Club only pricing @ Dry Hopped Homebrew Supply

Exclusive Events:

-Club-only Competition
-Monthly Meeting Give-aways/Raffles
– Big Brew